Soon-to-be-released Reading Roulette


Onward I go with the Christmas in Summer reading challenge (Hot Little Hands won the last round and it’s next on my reading list) – this time I’m picking from books that are soon-to-be-released. These ARCs are doing the rounds – which one should I read first?

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  1. I’ve been hearing fantastic things about My Name is Lucy Barton. I have yet to read anything by her but it does sound good. 🙂

    • I loved Olive Kitteredge but that’s the only book of hers that I’ve read. Lucy Barton is short and I suspect perfect for a day on the beach (which is in my very near future, yay!).

  2. I started Veblen last night hoping it would be a great beginning to the new year and so far it is- despite that really weird name. McKenzie writes in a quirky way that draws me in so hoping it will continue to be a good choice!

    • Seems early reviews are divided on this one – I look forward to books like that. Anything that gets either five stars or one star is far more interesting than a middle-of-the-road three, in my opinion!

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