Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. The Man Booker longlist was announced yesterday. I’ve only read one (and loved it), so GO ANNE ENRIGHT!

2. I started uni again this week. Which means I might occasionally have a whinge about studying… Although I have already looked at previous exams and there’s no formula sheet. Which means no maths. Which means YAY.

3. It’s so nice when the interwebs is used for good. Bookish good, even better.

4. When I bought my slow-cooker many years ago I had grand plans. They haven’t eventuated. Except for this and, as of this week, this recipe for slow-cooked shredded beef. Do you notice the theme here? #tacos

5. Melbourne is experiencing a Nutella shortage. If it wasn’t in the mainstream news (constantly), you’d think it was a joke. This shit is gettin’ real, man.

6. I may/ may not have* contributed to the Nutella shortage with two visits to Pidipipo Gelateria in the past week. Yes, I’m panic-eating Nutella Swirl gelati.

7. We had our school fundraising trivia night last week. I won’t pretend, our table goes all out on decorating and costumes. This year the theme was the nineties – we went as Bill / Hilary/ Monica combinations, complete with cigars and stains. Some said the stains were unnecessary, I said it was attention to detail.

8. Asked my 9yo son to take our photo before we left for the trivia night.
Him “What’s that on your dress?”
Me “Bird poo.”
Him “Why did she have bird poo on her dress?”
Me *pause* “It’s all part of the narrative.”
Him “Okay” *takes photo*

Have decided that “It’s all part of the narrative” is a great answer to so many questions.

9. I am the opposite of crafty (the anti-craft?), however, once a year (for the trivia night), I get busy.

This year, I made a White House table centre-piece out of foam board. Without sounding completely up myself (although I am…), it was sensational. It was lit from inside; had Hilary looking out one window and Monica and Bill another; and had its own soundtrack. Yes, its own soundtrack (Hail the Chief and Whitney singing Star Spangled Banner… I know, how do I live with my own brilliance?).  I said to my husband “Our centre-piece has its own soundtrack!” and he replied “I don’t even know what that sentence means…”

10. Geez I miss Whitney.


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* did

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  1. I’m permanently borrowing “it’s all part of the narrative”. I once had a school project years and years ago that involved building a miniature white house, it may be why I’m anti-craft to this day…

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