Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

1. I’m back from Hawaii. It was ace. Don’t worry, I’ll bore you with a long show-offy holiday post soon.

2. The Baileys Prize shortlist has been announced. And the thing I love most is that London baker, Biscuiteers, iced the book covers. Brilliant.baileys-prize-shortlist-2015-in-cake3. Not sure if I’ll read the entire Baileys shortlist (I don’t have the strength to go back-to-back with reading the Stella Prize shortlist). That said, How to be Both and The Paying Guests are most certainly in my reading future.

4. I haven’t allowed myself to fall into the lovely vortex that is NetGalley for weeks. What have I missed? What upcoming titles should I request?

5. This made me laugh (and I agree, why no cheese emoji?)

6. Related: I call them emoticons which makes my 9-year-old roll his eyes and say, “Mum, we don’t call them that anymore!”

7. Back to holidays, do you start thinking about your next holiday before the one you’re on is even over? I do…

8. Related: I really want to go here (Steph, do we ditch Hobart and go rural…?).


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    • Thanks for stopping by Laurel. Will be interested to hear your thought on Blue Thread – I’m not a huge Tyler fan but have heard that this one is not her usual thing.

  1. A Biscuiteers cafe has opened up near me – I may have to pop in and eat the whole shortlist (well, I can’t leave one out, that wouldn’t be fair)

    As someone who is cheese obsessed the lack of cheese emoji is seriously stifling my self-expression, I just hadn’t realised it until today…

    • And people are equally upset about no taco emoticon. And rightly so.
      I really think you should try to eat the whole shortlist. I for one would be really impressed 😉

  2. The book cover cookies are amazing! Too pretty to eat, but I love the concept. 🙂 I still need to read The Paying Guests, and I should probably check out the Anne Tyler book too, although I haven’t read anything recent by her. Glad you had a great vacation!

  3. I want the vacation pictures. We’re going to Lake Tahoe (California) this summer, but only because it is driving distance (kind of) – and much needed, of course.

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