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As always, Bookish Thoughts is hosted by the lovely Christine. Less about ‘thoughts’ this week, more like ‘Things I Want*’.

1. This salad. I like salads that are not the healthiest but still call themselves salads (I mean lardons… who are we kidding?).

2. For my exams to be over.

3. Actually, more time to study for exams…

4. These shoes. Christmas party essential.


5. Leanne Shapton’s Women in Clothes.

6. To win the Fat Duck ballot.

7. One (or six) of these necklaces. They’re maps (this one is Berlin).


8. A new rice cooker. I had the same one for a decade. It busted. I’ve had two more within the last two years. Grrr. Better buy myself one or someone will give me a rice cooker for Christmas…

9. For my kids to stop hassling me about Halloween. We’re not going trick or treating. Because we are not American. And because I’m a bah-humbug** about it.

10. Neon sprinkles. For a PON*** on your cupcakes.

**what is the Halloween equivalent of bah-humbug?
***Pop of Neon


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    • I guess you can cook stuff other than rice… but I never have! My suggestion if you buy one – don’t pay a fortune! My original was a cheapie. The next two I had were far more expensive and have both been duds.

  1. I am totally with you on the Halloween thing. Interestingly, the kids are still asking to go trick or treating, even after all these years of being told no. Can’t stand the greedy kids and their greedier parents who knock on my door even with all the signs up saying that we are not doing trick or treating, and with the curtains drawn. Double bah humbug. I don’t know what the Halloween equivalent of that phrase is either, but it would be handy if someone coined a term. That’s a pretty amazing salad, and I hear thermomixes do a stellar job of cooking rice!

    • I have a couple of friends with Thermomixes and they do love them… but they’re also not much into cooking and didn’t already have loads of appliances when they got their Thermomix. Problem for us (and I imagine you as well) is that the Thermomix doesn’t have enough capacity – I have the biggest rice cooker (the boys inhale it!).

  2. Love the necklace! And the salad – anything with blue cheese gets my greedy vote.

    I’m bah humbug about Hallowe’en too, with the same logic as you – we are not American, yet kids have started trick or treating in recent years. Bah! Maybe if I give them a shilling for a prize turkey they’ll go away…

    • If you’re into Halloween here you decorate your house to invite the trick or treaters. Needless to say, nothing about our house indicates “Come inside and have some lollies!”

      That salad… I will not rest until I make it 🙂

    • Some years I’ve bought chocolate in case we get anyone visting and always end up eating it myself! This year, like you, haven’t bought any (so risking a trick!).

  3. Love those map necklaces, AND those shoes. I’m afraid I can’t support your stance on Halloween though. In England everyone trick or treated so I don’t think of it as American. Plus eating lollies and wearing fancy dress are two of my fave things in the world so any festival that brings those two things together is alright by me!

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