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It’s another speed edition of Bookish Thoughts (hosted by Christine) this week. Because: exams.

1. I can’t wait* for Jami Attenberg’s next book, Saint Mazie – doesn’t it look pretty?

2. I’ve stayed away from NetGalley for weeks. Do I get a medal?

3. School’s back for my kids. We had a lovely week at the beach, with the weather alternating between sunny beach days and us needing to put the heating on. I guess you can’t expect much else in September. Regardless, I read lots.

4. While we were at the beach, the kids caught their first squid. Ink everywhere. What fun.

5. Coincidentally, this week at uni I’m dissecting a squid.

6. Related, I bloody love calamari. Even more so if it comes with a sweet chilli aioli.

7. Both of my London-based friends have trips to Melbourne planned within the next eight months. This makes me intensely happy.

8. Related: am planning a sneaky trip to Hobart with one of the London friends – we’re going to check out MoNA and eat lots of soft cheese.

9. I can’t tell you** how many mint-coloured tops and pairs of silver shoes I’ve bought for Spring/Summer. I’ve gone mint-mad.

10. Last night’s blood moon was basically a no-show in Melbourne. Too cloudy. I was very jealous of all the people tweeting fab pictures but did wonder about the one below – it was taken a few kilometres from my house – where were the goddamn clouds in Richmond?!

Image via ABC

Image via ABC

* but will have to wait until June 2015!
** actually, it’s three and two respectively.

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  1. What a gorgeous book! I could sit and stare at that cover, trying to figure out the story behind all of those people.

    Squid…yuk! LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog; it is fun to have others join in the conversation when I’m ranting…LOL

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