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It’s another speed edition of Bookish Thoughts (hosted by Christine) this week. Because: tired.

1. Went to the Robbie Williams Swings Both Ways concert last night. Robbie in a tux, singing swing numbers, with an Anything-Goes-art-deco-inspired stage. All that Robbieness… Tops.

2. I’ve decided not to write reviews for my re-reads. Slack.

3. I’ve abandoned two books in the last month. This is two more than I’ve abandoned in the last five years. Who am I?

4. Do you get to the start of a new season and think “What did I even wear last spring?”

5. So, Fitbits… They’re a little OCD-making, aren’t they?

6. I’m looking for the perfect bright-but-not-too-bright-coral-but-maybe-peach nail polish for summer. I know, tackling the big stuff here.

7. My husband’s in a holiday planning  mood. Which I find is a very good mood for a husband to be in.

8. Bringing me Twitter joy this week was a long discussion (edited version below) about Lionel Richie’s Hello film clip. I’ve thought a lot about this clip over the years (because: weird) and it seems I have a kindred spirit in @wren154



lionel-a9. I tweeted Lionel to ask about the clay head but he hasn’t responded. Yet.

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  1. OK. Fitbit, I have to get mine up and running. It’s been sitting on the kitchen table for more than a month now, just haven’t gotten it going. Next: coral nailpolish. I’m enjoying OPI Modern Girl. It’s pretty coral’ish. I usually like the intense vibrancy of Cajun Shrimp or one of the darker ones, My Private Jet but Modern Girl is sweet for spring. AND LASTLY Lionel’s clay head. I am on the edge of my seat. I hope he replies.

    • Fitbit – once you start, you might become obsessed (depends on how much you like stats).

      Coral nailpolish – knew I could rely on my readers for some good suggestions. Haven’t seen any of those OPI ones so will check them out – have bought Mecca’s Jessica which I like but I think I can do better (clearly I have too much time on my hands…).

      If Lionel replies, I’ll be telling the world… But I don’t think he will. I reckon people ask him about that head all the time.

      • Only Modern Girl was coral. My Private Jet is dark steely grey, it’s gorgeous. Cajun Shrimp is lovely but more orange/red than coral. It’s a great summer colour though. If you find a good coral, let me know? I’m on the look as well.

        Oh the Head is so funny.

        Stats. Don’t love ’em. First year uni turned up to my stats exam (for Psych) without a calculator. So was trying to do standard deviation with long division with pencil and paper. It was terrible. I failed but got a faculty pass. But I would like to know what 10,000 steps looks like, for example. And how my usual day measures up. I’ll get it going this weekend. Do you use it for sleep tracking as well?

      • Okay, looking out for Modern Girl. I like dark colours for winter but feeling like spring is in the air so shifting into my ‘summer nail polish collections’. I have an obscene number of nail polishes (my husband reckons they all look the same – pfft! Cheaper than a shoe-obsession!). I did also buy OPI’s Tutti Frutti Tonga – haven’t tried it yet but will tweet a pic when I do. Stay tuned.

        Stats: no calculator? Sorry, that made me laugh out loud. I don’t LOVE stats but I do find them motivating in the way that they’re presented via Fitbit/ my phone. Like you, I was curious to see what my normal day was like. As it turns out, I well exceed 10K steps a day going about my ordinary stuff so I aim for 12K each day. It does make you more conscious of what you’re doing (or not doing). I don’t use it for sleep tracking or much else – I know you can record calories and specific exercise and water intake… I’m not that focused!

      • Will look forward to Tutti Frutti. Yes much cheaper than shoes. And yes, no calculator. I should say I intended to take it but forgot! What an idiot. And it is funny. Hilarious in fact, though not at the time.

    • A Fitbit is a completely unnecessary but addictive gadget – basically a fancy pedometer that links to your smart phone so you can see how far you’ve walked in a day (and get little messages along the way telling you to get off your bum!). If you’re in any way motivated by stats, you’ll love it.

      I always plan to give up books if I’m not loving them but until recently have found it very hard to actually do – same reasons as you – life’s too short for books you’re not enjoying. So I’m improving, right?!

  2. Oh I am SOOOO with you on #4 and #4….I’m struggling w/work clothes as we headed back to school in early August…and I am definitely obsessed with my FitBit!! Got my 10K in the last two days…w/o going to the gym – that’s progress.

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