Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

Things that have made me laugh this week:

1. My daughter’s letter to the tooth fairy (because she lost her tooth at school – lost it and then literally lost it).


*Translation: Dear Tooth Fairy, I am sorry but my teacher chucked it in the bin by accident. I am sorry. From Penny.*

2. David Attenborough observes fangirls.

3. The new show on the ABC, Utopia. It’s in the tradition of Hollowmen, The Office and The Games – excruciating because it’s all so true (and why do they keep picking on the industry I used to work in?!).

4. I should be mature enough not to laugh when a lecturer talks about penises… But she was talking about bees penises (and more particularly the complex genetic structure of bee colonies) and how they are very, very tiny things that snap off after mating. Next time someone says “The winning margin was a bee’s dick”, I’ll have a decent visual reference point.

5. Also from my lecturer, this time the topic was Haemophilia and how the Royal Family have a long history of this disease – “Queen Victoria always looks so grumpy to me… Anyway she had lots of kids so she can’t have been grumpy all the time!”.

queen victoria children and grand children

6. I have a friend that I like going to the movies with because we both agree on the criteria for choosing a movie, that being ‘clearly ridiculous and really shit but we’ll laugh anyway’. So Sex Tape was an obvious choice. It is a stupid film and Jason Segel was unconvincing to say the least but I do think Cameron Diaz is a great comedic actress. The take home messages: “The Full Lincoln?”; “These are the Salad Days my friends…” and “I like a little bag and leg.”

7. Nothing much to say about books this week but get involved over at Bookishly Boisterous.

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    • I’m the same about Jason Segel and seeing him cast as the romantic lead – urgh. My friend and I agreed that it’s because he has weird lips (his top lip is much bigger than his bottom lip… not that we over-thought it or anything!)

  1. Hahaha my criteria for movies is basically the same as that. ‘The shitter the better’ is often heard coming out of my mouth. There’s nothing like a good shit film that you can laugh at with friends. 🙂

  2. Love your daughter’s note! That is so cute! Also, I wanted to watch Utopia but I opted to watch WGN’s new series, Manhattan, instead. I’ve heard great things about Utopia though, so I’m definitely going to check it out. 🙂

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