Top Ten Tuesday – A Bookish Wish (Bucket) List

I’m not really a fan of the ‘bucket list’. I find them a bit depressing. Although I don’t have a bucket-list per se, I do have a list of things I wouldn’t mind doing if time and money were no object. As it happens, I crossed one thing off my wish list a few years ago, when I went to Vegas with a friend to see Barry Manilow in cabaret. It was everything I’d hoped (because music and passion are always the fashion).


The Broke and the Bookish have asked readers to nominate their bookish bucket list. I thought I’d play along because there are a few bookish things on my wish list.

9 & 10. Actually get organised and do my (talked about) bookish projects – book swapping as an event that includes gin cocktails and a cookbook book group.

8. War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy – still haven’t done it

7. Empire Falls by Richard Russo – see above (with added weight of Rory’s recommendation).

6. Complete my collection of Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High books (not all the books – they kept publishing long after I was over them but there’s a lot of happy reading memories tied up in those soppy stories).

PS I Love You by Barbara Conklin

5. Meet Judy Blume.

4. To have a pool* that resembles any of the pools in my coffee-table pool books.

3. Go on a John-Irving-inspired tour (of the world) – my visit to Maine was Irving-prompted but a thorough Irving trip would naturally go further than New England… to Vienna.

2. Meet my book-blogging friends from distant parts of Australia and overseas (you know who you are).

1. Read ALL THE BOOKS – see this post for what prompted this ridiculousness.


* Realise that I’m really stretching the topic with that one.

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  1. We will meet eventually and there will be gin and chocolate cake. If you manage to get one of those pools it may be sooner rather than later. Colorado is notoriously dry (few rivers, no lakes, lots of fires) and our soil has too much clay (and our winter is too harsh and long) to install pools. So my vacations consist of going where water is. I’ll be in the Outer Banks, North Carolina this summer (yay!).

    Needless to say, I want to go to Vienna too. I was born and raised in New England, so I feel like I have every nook and cranny of that area explored.

    • We will and there will be ALL THE GIN and ALL THE CAKE. There is most certainly a pool in my future (when I can also afford someone to look after it…).

      I went to Vienna many, many years ago (before I had read any Irving) so fairly sure it doesn’t count.

      • It counts, but your destinations would be different this time around.

        I will leave wherever we are 5 pounds heavier and much happier. I LOVE the sun, it’s a shame the sun isn’t so loving back.

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