My First Obsession


Swap cards. My first ‘collection’ and my first obsession.

I carted them around bundled with eleventy billion rubber bands and sorted into categories such as ‘Cute babies!’, ‘Cute horses!’ and ‘Cute kittens!’.

For many years I couldn’t find my swap cards. I pestered my mum who was fairly certain that they’d been chucked with “…all your other crap…” when I moved out of home. I was fairly certain that I wouldn’t have thrown them out – after all, they were a major investment of my pocket money.

A few years ago, mum was cleaning out a cupboard and came across (yet another) box of my crap. The cards were there. I’m informed that my extensive collection is actually worth something now but too bad, I won’t be parting with them.

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  1. “Got it, got it, want it, got it.” Did you do that? I’ve got my swap cards too, and I reckon if we sat down and compared, they’d be much the same. I might dig them out and put some pics up, you’ve inspired me. They were the best and looking at them, so nostalgic!

    • I’d forgotten that little swap card routine until you mentioned it! Wow, such memories. We spent hours ‘playing’ with our cards. I bet we have almost identical collections – there seemed to be a number of artists who dominated the swap card scene and when I’ve showed people my age those pictures they all remember the cards.

  2. OH!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL! I have some swap cards that my nana gave me. They were hers. They are very old and probably worth something but I’ll never give them away. I have tried to get my girls interested but they have zero interest. It makes me sad.

  3. Oh. What memories these have brought back. I has albumins full and they were carefully moved around whenever I got a new card that had to be inserted into a very specific location. Trash and Treasure was my hunting ground.

  4. I am LOVING this week’s linky- SO many unexpected happy memories they bring 🙂 I’m pretty sure I gave swappies a go for a bit. I’m so pleased for you you found them again, never to be parted. My mum recently (a few years ago) found my original, hand inscribed 70’s edition of The Enchanted Wood. A better gift I could not imagine. I nearly cried!

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