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Christine at Bookishly Boisterous started this meme – get amongst it.

1. Last night I had the great pleasure of hearing Christos Tsiolkas speak about his new novel (released today), Barracuda.

Tsiolkas is the best-selling author of The Slap and is somewhat of a Melbourne champion. Although his topics are varied, his themes centre around class, sexuality and family politics.

I wish I’d taken notes last night because he gave insights into Barracuda that I’m sure I’ll want to revisit as I’m reading. Notably, he told the audience that he chose sport as the stage for Barracuda (specifically a teenage boy striving to become an Olympic swimmer) because sport offers a clean and tangible success that is denied artists. His thinking was prompted after the phenomenal success of The Slap, when he asked himself “Am I a good writer?” (yes, Christos!).

The choice of sport as his stage also gave Tsiolkas the opportunity to explore class through Melbourne’s elite private school system as well as themes of aspiration and ambition (whose underbelly is shame). Australians have an almost unnatural relationship with sport – we create heroes as quickly as we cut them down.

Astonish-Me- Maggie-Shipstead

2. How is it that I’ve only just discovered Maggie Shipstead has another novel coming out (April 2014)? And how is it that three people have already rated it (very highly) on Goodreads?

3. Made my first jug of Sangria for the season – so it’s basically summer, right?

4. Last week I went to see Nik Kershaw and Kim Wilde in concert. It was a top night. After the show we went out for late-night tacos and margaritas, as you do.

As we wandered homewards and back past the concert venue, this happened:


Tell me, 41 isn’t too old for my first stage door/ groupie experience, is it?! *ticks it off the bucket list*

5. I’ve never worn orange – I think it’s one of those colours that only suits a small number of people. However, I am having a love-affair with coral – there’s a clutch, a cardigan and some nail polish that have found their way into my home. I think I better stop now.

6. How many times have I read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt to my kids? I’ve lost count. I like this version better.

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  1. Your comment on Maggie Shipstead reminds me that I still need to pick up her other novel! *makes note to self*

    Looks like you guys had fun at the concert! 😀

    Ooh, the clutch and nail polish look great! I don’t think I wear coral enough but I like it; guess I have to be in the mood to wear it. It looks like a nice summer colour…

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