I’ll ask the interwebs


I know I don’t have millions of regular readers. Which is fine. Because quality not quantity.

But every so often someone strays into the booksaremyfavouriteandbest zone from the wonderful-world-wide-inter-webs and the way that they found me is quite special.

There’s a little section for WordPress users called ‘Search Engine Terms’ – it’s fascinating stuff* and although I’ve amassed quite a collection of interesting search terms, I’m going to share the search questions. Because some people treat Google like a person. They ask a question – literally**. And Google, being what it is, gives them an answer. Clearly there is no quality control because sometimes that answer is a link to this blog.

So here are my favourite search engine questions (and the answers, of course):

1. Is Enid Blyton preppy? Yes.

2. What is boarding school like? I’d like to think it was everything Enid Blyton promised (see above).

3. Why does Liz Moore use an ampersand? Don’t know but it shits me too.

4. Are tower shelves next to the bed side a good idea? I’d say yes but if they fall in the night and crush you to death I take no responsibility.

5. Can she promise that she’d done gay? (Note this search question was used four times to find my blog) What does this even mean and why weren’t there twenty-gizillion more thrilling hits before my boring book blog?

6. How does the first chapter establish the characters in Me and You by Niccolo Ammaniti? Answer: Read it and do your own homework.

7. Are there trees in Switzerland? There was last time I looked (1988).

8. What are books that will make you sob really hard? These.

9. What does somnambulant head mean? Don’t we all wish we didn’t know? See my previous post mocking Fifty Shades of Grey.

10. When can I buy all the books? Have been asking myself the same for all the years.

* As Rory demonstrated with her post on search engine terms, an idea that I have blatantly stolen.

** I may or may not be such a person


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  1. I wish I got more questions! These are great, the preppy one is my favorite. In my stats, my favorite question was is he a cad because he won’t marry me. Do people really ask google such questions? If you have to ask google, you probably don’t want to know the answer…

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