This is depressing…

so many books so little time

Recently, two different people, on two separate occasions, have made similar comments to me that have made me think about what books I’ll read in the future.

The first person, commenting on their travel plans said something along the lines of “I go overseas every two years. I figure I have about twenty years left where I’ll be fit enough to travel independently. So I’m down to choosing my last ten holidays.” Good grief, that’s depressing.

Then a few days ago, a friend commented that after ordering invitations for her 40th birthday party, she realised she was probably halfway through her life. Also bloody depressing.

But these two things made me think. I have passed the 40th milestone and don’t care about ‘getting older’ or aging however I do fear failing eyesight. On discussing aging with my husband, I said that my greatest fear would be not being able to read (thank goodness for my Kindle with its gigantic font setting, should it come to that).

Reassuringly, based on the fact that I could get through at least 70 books a year (more than 70 when I retire and spend my days reading) and I might bet on another 40 years, that’s 2,800 books I can still read. Phew.


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  1. I thought about it all too when I turned 40 earlier this year. If I make to say 85 and continue my reading average (200-300 a year) the number sounds impressive but I still think is that all? Lol

  2. My absolute greatest personal fear is that I’ll lose my eyesight and not be able to read. SHUDDER! I’m coming up on the big 4-0. I don’t mind getting older. I do mind my eyes going to pot 😉

  3. I wish I knew where I could get that necklace…it’s so fitting for how I constantly feel!

    Weirdly the topic of eyesight came up in my household recently and I pondered how I would cope with reading if later in life my eyesight went. Hopefully any issues like that are a long way off…it’s a pretty horrifying though for a bookaholic like me!

    I am always constantly aware of how many book there are that I want to read in the world, and that list just keeps on growing day by day. It makes it impossible for me to choose what I want to read next!

    Great post. 😀

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