Re-reads ahead. Because films on the way.

Given the number of books I haven’t read at all, it sometimes seems a bit mad re-reading particular books. But it is nice to revisit old favourites. And I always like to re-read a book if a movie version is on the way, particularly if the movie is based on a book by one of my favourite authors.

Which is why I’ll have to get my skates on for What Maisie Knew, due for release in the US this month. The movie, starring Julianne Moore, is a modern re-telling of the Henry James classic.

Also on the horizon is Tiger Eyes, based on the book by Judy Blume. It’s been decades since I read Tiger Eyes but I think Judy Blume’s work never dates. The movie is slated for limited release in the US in June – suspect it will be straight to DVD for Australian audiences.

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  1. I teared up watching the What Maisie Knew trailer and I’m going to try and sneak in both movies (WMK and The Great Gatsby) in the next week or two.

  2. I’m pretty psyched for What Maisie Knew. I only got around to reading the book after coming across the trailer but it looks pretty awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing how they adapted it in a modern-day setting 🙂

  3. I’m a re-reader too, despite how crazy it can sometimes seem. I don’t know if I’ve ever read What Maisie Knew. When it’s a kind of reinvention as this one appears to be, I’m not so worried about reading the book first.

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