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Small problem – Kindle fail. My trusty old Kindle won’t sync.

I still have the very first Kindle – the ‘chunky’ white one with a keyboard and only one ‘Prev Page’ button. In fact, I was probably one of the first Australian customers to have a Kindle – I ordered it the nano-second it was released internationally and it arrived three days later! I still remember the wonder of turning it on for the first time to be greeted by the words ‘Kate’s Kindle’. The books that I’d bought while the device was in transit were magically there, waiting to be read. In those days, people approached me in cafes to ask me what I was reading on… to think no one had seen e-readers a few years ago!

So, my syncing problem. The wi-fi connection keeps failing and switching off. I quickly searched for a solution. Apparently I needed to reset it (which involved pressing the Menu button a few times). Did this. Still the same problem.

Then I took my Kindle on a few outings thinking it might like some 3G hotspots better than others. Still nothing.

Then it occurred to me that perhaps for the sake of my TBR stack I should simply leave my Kindle as is – faulty. There are currently over one hundred books waiting to be read on the device and a further one hundred samples. Perhaps I should read all of these books before either fixing or replacing it?

There are two flaws in this plan – firstly, it locks me out of a lot of good Net Galley reading. Secondly, I’d pre-ordered The Childhood of Jesusby J. M. Coetzee and was bloody looking forward to it arriving by the magic of Amazon Whispernet the second it was released in March.

What should I do?!

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  1. If you do buy a new Kindle you can download any books you purchased on Amazon to your e-reader. I have a Kindle that I believe came out the second or third year they were available, as well last year’s Kindle Fire. I love the Fire. Love it.

    Please don’t stop impulse buying. Then it will be just me making irresponsible financial decisions.

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