Read-along – ‘Lifesaving for Beginners’ by Ciara Geraghty


Thanks to the team at Hachette, I’m taking part in a read-along over the next few weeks. The book is Lifesaving for Beginners by Ciara Geraghty.

Bree at All the Books I Can Read is hosting the online discussion. She has planned a weekly reading schedule, dividing the book into three sections. I’ll possibly have a problem sticking to the schedule because at 150 pages into this story, I’m feeling the need to race ahead and read the whole book.

Stay tuned for my full review but know that so far I’m loving the dual narration – two distinct voices, both perfectly done. Ten-year-old Milo, with his factual, no-nonsense approach to life is breaking my heart. And Kat – well, you know her – she speaks directly to the audience I imagine this book was intended for.

And it’s funny. I’m chuckling-out-loud. And then it’s sad. Not sobbing-with-snot kind of sad, just the tugging-at-the-corner-of-your-heart-but-keep-reading-because-it-will-hopefully-get-better-sad.


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