Oops. I did it again. Twice.


I signed up for another reading challenge. I didn’t mean to. My fingers just hit that magic linky thingy and before I knew it, I’d pledged to read 12 books that had been translated into English. Oh shit. Or should I say merde?

I read a handful of translated books in 2012 (notably Delicacy, The Dinner and Ru – translated from French, Dutch and Vietnamese respectively) but I’ll be pushing myself to read 12 for the 2013 Translation Challenge.

I’ll be starting with Doppler by Norwegian author Erlend Loe (also qualifies for my Off the Shelf challenge) and Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother by Chinese author Xinran (which fulfils the pesky letter ‘X’ in my quest to complete my alphabetical list of authors read).

I also have vague plans to revisit Anna Karenina before the movie extravaganza later this year. It has been decades since I read this classic and I want to remind myself of its power before I expose myself to the Kiera Knightly/ Jude Law version.


And then because I have SO MUCH FREE TIME, I thought ‘Bugger it, let’s do ANOTHER challenge!’ In fact, given that the sub-title of this blog is Fiction in Kitchen and that there is a strong food angle to all of my reviews, it would have been a crime not to sign up for the Foodies Read Challenge.

I’m going for the Pastry Chef level (4-6 books). Books can be fiction, non-fiction, memoirs and so on but all must have a food theme. Given the Foodie Fiction Top Ten I put together last year, I’m sure I’ll find plenty to keep me going on this challenge.

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  1. If you didn’t see my reply comment over on my blog, I thought I should also mention here that I recently stumbled across the Reading Challenge Addicts challenge which challenges you to finish your challenges…it may be the closest thing there is to a Reading-Challenge-Joiners-Anonymous (which apparently I need!)

    thanks for coming to check out my blog — I love yours & I’m a new follower 🙂

  2. Oh you made me laugh with the ‘merde’ comment! I agree it would be a crime if you didn’t do the foodie challenge 🙂 I hope to read more translated fiction too this year. I’ll be getting a few good recommendations from you for sure.

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