Thankfully Reading Weekend and A Thankfully Reading Recipe

It’s Thanksgiving in the US. Which of course means nothing to Australians. BUT…

There’s a nice little initiative going on at Jen’s Bookshelves and Literate Housewife – they’re hosting Thankfullly Reading Weekend, November 22-25, 2012 –

“There are no rules to the weekend, we’re simply hoping to devote a good amount of time to reading, and perhaps meeting some of our reading challenges and goals for 2012.”

I like the spirit of it. And I like any excuse to devote some solid time to reading.

Part of the weekend includes some mini-challenges. The first is A Thankfully Reading Recipe where we’re asked “What ingredients when combined together make for a perfect read for you?”

Here’s my perfect reading recipe:

1. Take one sunny beach day.

2. Make sure there’s sand between your toes.

3. Add your latest read.

4. Combine. Guaranteed perfect result every time.

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  1. Ingedients for me are simple. A good book and a comfy chair. That’s it! Reading at the beach and sand between the toes. No never, for this person. And I live near the beach. But swim only and then go home and get changed.

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