Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Succession S4 episode 3. Oh. My. God. It’s testament to just how good the script writing is that I didn’t even think of what unfolded as a possibility.

02. Episode 3 has also made me think back to seeing Brian Cox at Melbourne Writers Festival last year (and trying to remember everything he said in forensic detail).

03. So I couldn’t have picked two more different comedians for my Comedy Festival outing this week – Nikki Britton (who was all BIG energy) and Ray O’Leary (whose delivery-style is absolute deadpan). Both were hilarious but Nikki Britton really speaks to me.

04. And an old Nikki Britton clip because her ‘happy frankfurt’ always cracks me up.

05. Cooking: Torta Pasqualina (I’ll say yes to anything with spinach and ricotta).


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  1. Oh, agree about Succession. My other half made me sit down and watch it (I was saving it up) because he was scared I was going to see all the spoilers online.

  2. Succession, wow. I kept waiting for it to be revealed as a misunderstanding, or some sort of sadistic test. So well done and with seven episodes to go there’s plenty of story still to be told.

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