Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. I’m devastated about the death of Olivia but thankful for her wonderful music – truly part of the soundtrack of my youth. A childhood watching Grease on loop with my cousins; modelling my outfit and hairstyle for my Yr 8 social on her Xanadu look; having her songs in pretty much every mixtape / playlist I’ve ever created; and picking her for the all important ‘last song of the night’ at my 50th. Particularly thankful for this gem that has surfaced (all my favourites in one place – imagine being there!):

02. This week’s MIFF selection – the brilliant Sinéad O’Connor doco, Nothing Compares. Really puts into context how much she pushed the boundaries (and reminded me that my review of her autobiography is way, way overdue… but always so hard to write about a five-star read).

03. Yay! Plans for my trip to Hawaii next year are nearly all locked in.

04. I’m well and truly on the 50th party circuit – was so happy to celebrate with my dear uni friend, Leanne (and catch up with lots of the Bach. Planning & Design crew).

05. Most weeks I walk with my friend Sam. This week we added dinner (and let our partners join in the fun). And for the record, Mister Minh’s curry puffs are the best in the business.

06. Watched Indian Matchaking (it’s light) and started Borgen (I was looking for something to really invest in).

07. I’ve tuned in and I’m obsessed (mostly listening to Berlin, Miami, and London). And if you don’t want to drive, just sit and look out the window (this is weirdly relaxing).

08. And lastly, dinner at Grill Americano. Was all delicious but the Americanos we started with, notably so.

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  1. We loved the original season of Borgen, but don’t have Netflix so will have to wait until we do or this comes to free to air.

    50th birthdays – I can vaguely remember those! Enjoy them, as it’s a great time of life I think.

    Davida hated Grease!! Oh, no, I loved it too Kate. It’s such a hoot, really.

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