Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. MTC’s Come Rain or Come Shine – Tim Finn’s music paired with Kazuo Ishiguro’s short story and other people’s music (Ray Charles, obvs). Was good fun – I’ll be reading the short story to see if there are some further clues about character motivation.

02. Two lovely meals this week – dinner at Riserva (the snapper fish cake and the chicken liver parfait were the highlights) and a Christmas in July lunch at Hophaus (with a seventies classic, the prawn cocktail, the winner).

03. Took my daughter to the Quilting and Craft Show. She’s not a quilter (she was there for the ‘craft’ side of things) but we had a look at the prize-winning quilts on display. The work in them was incredible. My favourites –

04. Watching:

  • The Somm series of documentaries (Netflix)- fascinating glimpse of what it takes to become a Master Sommelier (spoiler: a lot of work and a very, very good memory).
  • A Very British Scandal (Prime) – engrossing story but watch if only for Claire Foy and the costumes.

05. Finished one of the most difficult puzzles I’ve done in years. Next puzzle will be something less challenging.

06. One of my favourite nineties pub bands, Club Hoy, is finally on Spotify (my CDs were becoming delicate relics).

07. This $3 supermarket soap is the best!

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  1. I used to be really into quilting–not actually doing it, as I am a hopeless seamstress–but I got so much inspiration from the artistry of it all. Even years ago it seemed that quilters were pushing the boundaries of what can be done with needle and thread. Thanks for this. I always ook forward to your posts!

    • And even more amazing up close – some of them had such tiny squares, plus designs embroidered over the top. Wish I had the patience for making such a thing!

  2. Those quilts are impressive enough at small scale but even more so up close where you can see how much work went into them. Far beyond my skill level I’m afraid

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