Things that are making me happy this week

01. So many lovely catch-ups with friends this week – highlight was The LuWOW cocktail bar (such fun and felt like we were on the set of White Lotus) {image}.

02. That my dermatologist is forensic in her approach (large chunks cut out of my back but I can live with that).

03. Continues to amuse me with added bonus of supporting a good cause.

04. Sounds horrendous, was actually delicious (there are six people in my household and it’s rare to get the thumbs-up from all when I try a new recipe).

05. Not sure if I’ve mentioned Never Never Oyster Shell gin before but it is my new absolute favourite. It’s like the sea in a gin and tonic (in a really good way).

06. I’ve started re-reading The Secret History (well actually, listening because Donna is the narrator). Was worried it wouldn’t be as good as I remembered but it totally is. And hearing Donna read, after listening to the Once Upon a Time at Bennington College podcast, is fascinating.

07. That my Christmas shopping is almost done.

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    • I’m almost halfway through Secret History – amazed how if the actual plot I’d forgotten and realise now my memory of the book is simply ‘really enjoyed it’ 😬

  1. Pasta bakes make life easier. I have the laziest chicken casserole ever … 1 pkt elbow or spiral pasta, boiled to al dente, cooked, shredded bbq chicken, 250g shredded ham. 2 cups frozen mixed veggies, 2 jars of carbonara sauce, Mix it altogether, sprinkle with 1/2 cup pizza cheese. Bake at 190 for 25 mins or until cheese is golden.

    • In Aus a BBQ chicken refers to a roast/ rotisserie chicken you buy already cooked from the supermarket. It makes the preparation of this recipe quick because you don’t have to cook the chicken first.

      • Interesting. I knew Americans don’t use the term BBQ chicken the way we use it, but didn’t know the Brits didn’t. We have got into BBQ chickens since the pandemic really. Instead of going to a restaurant for lunch we started getting takeaway chicken. Would do the two of us two or three meals. There’s nothing like a good BBQ chicken really, is there.

        We bought a new gin this week (since the Yuzu Gin we wanted to buy has sold out). Stone Pine Australian Native Blend. Haven’t tried it yet, but hope it doesn’t disappoint. It’s from Bathurst.

      • My family of six makes fast work of a BBQ chicken (we generally need two for dinner, with some leftover for sangas the next day).
        Haven’t tried Stone Pine – will await your review!

  2. I cooked that chicken pasta recipe this week and though i was nervous about how much cream was going into it, it actually turned out fine ( I did leave out the mascapone though). Thanks for the recommendation…

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