Things that are making me happy this week

01. I accept that this looks like a log in the water BUT IT’S A PLATYPUS! We watched it play in the riffle for half an hour.

02. One of my kids has had a really hard time during CoVID in terms of his studies (specifically, wasn’t able to do any work experience). This week, things are looking up – some work experience in the area he’s keen on, and a TAFE offer for next year.

03. Finally got to see my brother (he lives in regional Victoria). Last saw each other in February.

04. My uncle gathered all of my grandmother’s recipes and had them bound into a book for me. Her specialty was Neenish tarts – tiny, rich and delicious. Felt a rush of emotion when I saw her handwriting, and where she had attributed the recipes to others (‘Mother’, ‘Mabel’, ‘Joan’, ‘Doris’).

05. Author clock.

06. This Jane Austen puzzle.

07. This week’s author talk – Hannah Kent, discussing her new novel, Devotion. Kent said she wanted to avoid writing a story similar to the last two, so chose to write about friendship and love.

08. Watching: American Woman (on Stan) – the casting is excellent.

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  1. For me, it was lunch out at a nearby bistro. We’ve been really well served by local eateries but there’s nothing like a bit of banter with waitstaff and perfectly plated food!

    • My grandmother had perfect handwriting, and was instantly recognisable. She was famous for her desserts and baking (not my strengths in the kitchen!), but I’ll slowly work my way through her collection.

    • It was thrilling, Bill! I was thinking about it afterwards and, apart from a glimpse of a platypus years ago, I’d never seen one in the wild. That might not seem surprising however, I spent most of my uni years and ten years in my first full-time job standing around Victorian rivers, so you’d think I would have spotted one before now.

  2. Neenish tarts… that’s very Australian, I believe. I am watching the Great Australian Bake Off (season 2) and they had a retro week where Neenish tarts was the technical challenge! I’m not sure I’d like them myself, especially with the difficulty of making this strange buttercream for the middle, but at least I know what you’re talking about!

    • Not sure I knew that Neenish tarts were an Australian thing! There are very commercial ones in bakeries but my grandmother’s was smaller, and the chocolate icing was thick and rich. They were sensationally good.

  3. Very exciting about the platypus. We’ve been told there are sometimes otters in the river/canal at the bottom of our garden, but so far our dusk vigils have been fruitless. It will have to be a serendipitous sighting one day.

  4. I don’t really have a bucket list, but the thing I say I really want to do is see a platypus in the wild. I have once, but it was so far away that it doesn’t really count. They can be seen sometimes in the Wingecarribee River so on my annual (Well, not during COVID) Southern Highlands visit, my friend and I always look, but no luck so far.

    I love 4, and of course, I love 6.

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