Sample Saturday – new release nonfiction

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

Why You Should Give A F*ck About Farming by Gabrielle Chan

Summary: Farming sits at the intersection of the world’s biggest challenges around climate change, soil, water, energy, and natural disasters. Yet Australia has no national food policy or agriculture strategy. Chan examines the past, present and future of farming and lays out how we (eaters) might usher new ways to work and live on the land.

I’m thinking: Yes (cemented when the author referred to Australia’s ‘Hunger Games-style water policy’ in the introduction).

The Psychic Tests by Gary Nunn

Summary: Nunn, a skeptic, investigates psychics, mediums and astrologers to understand their uncanny power and whether it’s used for good or evil.

I’m thinking: Yes. I don’t believe but I don’t not believe…

My Friend Fox by Heidi Everett

Summary: Just like fox, Heidi has lived on the outer. The ‘official record’ of her life has been her mental health record: schizoaffective; major depression, juvenile autism, and not her own memories. Heidi tells her story in parallel with that of a fox.

I’m thinking: Maybe. The style is interesting but perhaps too much.

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  1. I recently read and reviewed My Friend Fox. It’s a slim volume, so it won’t tax you too much. I liked her insights into how being creative (she is a talented illustrator) helped save her and calm her mind.

  2. I don’t ever try samples before picking up a book! Do you do this for most of the books you read? Or do you add books to your to-read list in other ways and without trying a bit first too?

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