Things that are making me happy this week

01. A really lovely day in the Yarra Valley at Meletos, lunching with high school friends.

02. I am very loyal to fragrances and rarely buy new ones but after many months of testing, Sailing Day has been added to the rotation.

03. My library has finally dropped fines (very late to the trend)… not that I got many fines, it’s the principle.

04. Watching – In Treatment (Foxtel) and The Durrells S4 (ABC iView).

05. My daughter was exclusively a crocheter up until last week. She has somehow navigated these adorable knitting patterns and has created the cutest bunnies.

06. A reminder of how good chicken meatball pitas with roasted red pepper feta are (if you’ve never had whipped feta, hurry).

07. Barry Manilow posted Whiteyy18 all over social media (and with good reason) – now William White has gone viral (which I’m sure is for no other reason than the fact that Mandy is an ace song…).


Ohhh Mandy 🎶 @farmerdrew27

♬ Mandy – Barry Manilow


2 responses

  1. Aww, those bunnies!

    I miss whipped feta – there’s a lovely wine bar friends and I would go to on the first Friday of the month and we’d always get the same selection of dishes to share, of which whipped feta was one. Although lockdown has eased, the wine bar isn’t opening in the evenings yet…

    The aceness of Mandy is non-debateable 😀

  2. 4. The Durrells, yes
    5. Go your daughter
    6. I’ve printed that recipe – it looks great. I have a lamb meatballs one that you cook completely in the oven. I love it, so easy.
    7. Love Mandy, of course.

    BUT what made ME happy happy happy this week was Ash winning Wimbledon.

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