Things that are making me happy this week

01. Project Yarra is somewhat restricted as we can’t venture further than 10kms, so we’re covering some stretches of the River previously walked (but from the opposite side). Melburnians might spot a landmark in the pic above.

02. The benefits of lockdown (elaborate meals, deliveries to the door, activewear all day) haven’t truly kicked in again, but I am patient (and good at online shopping).

03. That said, we had one of those weird family moments where we were watching a YouTube clip together about the Melbourne tram network versus the Toronto tram network, and we were audibly cheering for Melbourne. Fairly sure this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for lockdown.

04. Watching: Love on the Spectrum (ABC) and binged The Pact (on Stan in Australia – thanks to Cathy for the tip).

05. I saw the Pet Shop Boys in concert in 1994 (Discovery Tour) – it was one of the maddest concerts I’ve ever been to. They’ve just released this recording of the Rio show, and I’ve had it playing on loop. The nineties covers, mixed with their own songs, are brilliant.

06. Success on finally tracking down a book I loved as a child (but couldn’t remember the title – it’s The Tree That Stayed Up Until Next Christmas by Robert Kraus). The website/ blog/ wonderful book lovers who supplied the answer offer an incredible service.

07. So I thought I was the first person to think of using Nerd Rope for the rough endoplasmic reticulum on a cell cake (made to assist the 14yos biology study)… she informed me that I was not. Here’s her finished product (I ate the chloroplasts first).


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    • I’m using the extra time for procrastinating… 😀 (honestly, I’m so close to the end of my latest round of study and at the point where I’m doing anything but buckling down and writing essays).

      • I remember that feeling! I needed adrenalin to get me going, and there’s nothing like last minute panic to send adrenalin coursing around…

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