Things that are making me happy this week

To be honest, it’s been a really horrible week, and I’m scratching around for the bright spots…

01. Spring is here and the weather has been glorious – perfect timing for our new two-hour walk allowance.

02. My library finally has some interesting new audiobooks (as opposed to more cosy mysteries).

03. The latest Trace podcast series, this one about Lawyer X, Nicola Gobbo.

04. Jellyfish and Arboretum by Cavallini & Co – these puzzles are top notch.

05. British Film Festival (please, please, please let it actually go ahead in Melbourne) – on my list: Ammonite; Misbehaviour; Six Minutes to Midnight; and The Nest.

06. S2 of My Brilliant Friend (Foxtel) – the books did nothing for me, but the television series is superb.


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  1. 1. It was pouring rain on the Nullarbor two days ago. That should be making its way to you right about now. (Also raining in Perth. I’m waiting for it to stop long enough for me to ride into town to see if I have Melbourne coronavirus yet – ie. Covid test)
    2. Time for me to change libraries. Again. Takes me 1-2 years to make my way through one library’s audiobooks before all that’s left are Nora Roberts and Maeve Binchy.
    6. I enjoyed My Brilliant Friend – have I mentioned that I read it on the train to Naples? – and my daughter has #2, I just haven’t got to it yet.

    • 1. It hit last night – absolutely bucketing down.
      1. Do you get a prize for having done dozens of COVID tests?!
      2. I rotate between three libraries for audios, but even then the offerings are all very similar (mostly mysteries, which is not my thing).
      6. I thought #2 was better than the first. The third was ordinary. I didn’t get the hype. Anyway, I watched the tv series hoping for glimpses of Naples (my visit there was all too brief – did you see much of Naples?), but was hooked as soon I started watching.

  2. Really interested in your comments about My Brilliant Friend. I haven’t been able to get into the books and yet so many people rave about them. I was wondering whether to give them another try before watching the TV series, but am now sensing that I might as well just dive in and leave the books to others.

  3. I read Ferrante’s debut novel ‘Troubling Love’ in August, one I’d really wanted to read since reading ‘Frantumaglia’ a nonfiction work about her writing. That and ‘Days of Abandonment’ are excellent in their discomfort and getting under the skin of one woman’s experience, on the edge. You read and feel the hint of someone almost losing it. I enjoyed ‘My Brilliant Friend’ and see it differently now that I understand more about what to expect from the author. I just received my copy of ‘The Lying Life of Adults’, her latest and can’t wait to see where she’ll take us next.

    I witnessed something yday evening I’ve only ever seen in Australia and never here, thunder and lightning without rain. Maybe the rain will come today, signs of autumn approach.

    I hope you find more to make you happy this week. I’m reading The Rain Heron ironically. 🌩️

    • I have certainly enjoyed some of Ferrante’s stand alone novels more than the series and, perhaps against better judgement, I have put Lying Life on reserve at my library.

      Funny you mention the thunder and lightning without rain… I just assumed that that happened everywhere! After showing-off about our spring weather, we’ve had a few solid days of rain and I’ve had to turn the heating on again 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad week Kate, hopefully you are getting some of this lovely sunshine today.
    I think we may be a club of two who did not really get into the whole Ferrante thing. Book one was okay, but the other 3 were hard slogs (a good friend loved them so much, I kept trying because of her). I wouldn’t have bothered with a tv show at all, except now that you’ve said….
    I have the jellyfish puzzle too. I love the packaging, so beautiful and easy to store, as it waits patiently to be be done.

    • I only started the tv series because I was hoping for glimpses of Naples but I was immediately hooked (and thought, ‘this is what some people felt about the books!’). If you have Foxtel, I highly recommend it.

      I love those puzzles – such high quality and beautifully fitted pieces.

    • Thank you Karen.

      I can highly recommend the Ferrante TV series – it almost made me reconsider the books… but then no, I figure I can watch the series over and over if I so desire!

  5. I;m really sorry you had a horrible week – and that I didn’t see this post earlier. I am glad things have picked up. Horrible weeks are, well, just horrible.

    I haven’t read any of the Ferrante books though have one in the TBR. It’s not one I’m prioritising I’m afraid as I have so many other books I really really want to read!

    Anyhow, take care. With the easing of restrictions, life should have more options for being nicer too?

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