Things that are making me happy this week

01. Woohoo! Finally recorded a shelf cloud on Cloudspotter.

02. Victorian COVID numbers are going down…

03. We’ve been eating well thanks to Atlas Masterclass (‘visiting’ Indonesia next week).

04. I forget how good freckle cookies are until I make them.

05. That cooking blogs (such as How Sweet Eats) allow you adjust the number of servings of a recipe before you hit print. It’s the little things…

06. An ARC of Rosalie Ham’s new novel, The Dressmaker’s Secret (and an opportunity to hear her speak about it).

07. I know I bang on about grief… but this.

08. I would love to be caught in this.

09. Marine mindfulness (the jellyfish are always mesmerising).

10. The world’s gone mad and I totes approve.

11. And it’s Friday night, so this week’s tipple is Aperol & Soda (sold at my local green grocer…so it’s healthy, right?).

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  1. Great photo, where’s it from, Chandler Hwy? All the clouds I stare at all day (and capture in the endless photos I take of my truck – to record the loads) I should learn their names.

    • The pic was taken just before the Chandler, from the Belford Road bridge. I got a book about cloud spotting many years ago when I visited the Kew Gardens in London. Since that time, the same people produced an app (CloudSpotter) that you use to identify and log clouds. You get to see other people’s pics in the daily ‘Cloudstream’ and I love the little snapshots of different places – a back yard in Norway, rooftops in Milan, a suburban street in Melbourne, clouds above the sea in England. And, I like to complete things, so I really want to spot all the clouds and optical phenomena listed (I have quite a few to go, that I will probably only see if I travel to somewhere with the Northern lights, and icy temperatures).

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