Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. It’s like all the dreams I didn’t even know I had, have come true.

02. It’s official – I’m having a reading slump (brought on by my lack of enthusiasm about the Stella longlist and the fact that I feel like I’ve been reading the same books for eons). Also not helping, I’m woefully behind on reviews (expect a bunch of ‘Twitter’ reviews soon i.e. 120 words or less) and the fact that my blog was ‘copied’ in its entirety and has been rerouted through Korea… I’m trying to resolve it but it’s very, very difficult.

03. Saw Parasite yesterday. Weird. Memorable.

04. Apart from regularly reviewing grief-lit, I leave stuff about grief and bereavement off this site… but this article about bearing witness to someone’s grief is wonderful and worth reading (in fact, bookmark it and when, in the future, someone you know experiences a loss, read it).

05. Blasphemy (although the bit about the negroni being a ‘… cruel and bitter slap of a cocktail’ made me laugh).

06. I need to do a thorough cost-per-wear analysis in order to make this jacket mine (will I still be wearing it in 2035….?).

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  1. 1. 😀
    2. My reading’s picked up but my blogging is still pathetic. We’ll get there, wishing you a wonderful read soon! That’s such a weird thing to happen to your blog, who gains from copying it and rerouting it through Korea?!
    4. Great article. One of my closest friends is grieving at the moment so a very timely read for me.
    5.I normally like Jay Rayner but he’s gone too far this time…

  2. Hmm, that is a pain about the Korean theft, it’s like when I discovered a blog reader was copying my blog in full (in English). And then, don’t get me started, the university cheat sites that copy my reviews of set texts in full too. It’s theft, but it’s very difficult to stop it.
    My advice is to find something short, sharp and funny and stop worrying about the Stella. Yes, we would all like to be loyal and supportive but not when the books just don’t appeal.

    • I don’t care so much about the theft – it’s not like my blog is a business venture – but I don’t want to be somehow implicated in the links they’ve inserted in their version of my blog to designer rip-offs. I’m trying to sort it out although I imagine that it will be futile…

      I’ve all but abandoned the Stella longlist (my book group is reading See What You Made Me Do this month, although I haven’t started it yet!).

      • True, my blog isn’t a business venture either but it’s the principle of the thing. Stealing someone else’s work to make money out of it is wrong.
        Oh book groups, the pressure, the pressure!

    • 2 They seem to have added links to designer rip-offs in their updated version of my blog (which is easy to spot because the additions are in Korean….). Should I wonder about the coincidence that it happened while I was at the movies watching Parasite?!?!

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