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01. We went to a party last weekend and the theme was ‘Miami Nice’. We went as retirees (Florida is the home of retirees, right?). I found the most amazing vintage palm-print muumuu on Etsy which I’ll probably wear on Christmas Day for the next forty years… it’s comfy, cool, fabulous.

When researching our outfits, I came across this fabulous collection of photos.

02. Usually 1000 pieces is my minimum but I might make an exception for this.

03. Paula pointed me in the direction of this article about learning German later in life. It’s a beautiful piece, but I especially loved the author’s observation that “German is a fine language for grief.”

04. And speaking of all things German, this commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down.

05. I’ve done so little reading and so little blogging in the past couple of weeks but I have managed to start gathering data for the 2019 List of Lists. Stay tuned.

06. Like last time, I’ll have one of everything.

07. It’s outrageous that I haven’t had a dessert Negroni* from Matteo’s #2020goals

*orange and gin sorbet with vermouth ice-cream, Campari gel and Italian meringue

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  1. 1. I buy a new Hawaiian shirt every Christmas, so I’m probably a natural Floridian. Pink this year.
    7. Certainly an outrageous dessert. I think I’ll stick to christmas pud. And pavlova. And mince pies. And a few mojitos.

    • 1. I love that! You must have quite a collection.
      7. I could be shunned for saying this but I don’t eat Christmas pudding or mince pies. If it was put in front of me, I would so as not to be rude but my family know me well enough to keep it for themselves and leave me to the pavlova and fruit salad!

  2. 1. I bought a muumuu in Hawaii in 1983, but put it out for Vinnies eventually a few years ago. I love muumuus but I chose poorly, and this one never felt quite right. There was something about the fit.

    2. Love that puzzle – nearly ordered it but good price, terrible shipping fees!

    3. Have shared Margaret Drabble on learning German to Mr Gums who is learning German (though he lived in Germany for a year in his 20s, so he’s not exactly starting from scratch, and he returned to it at 60, not mid-70s!)

    7. We have a couple of non-Christmas pud eaters in our Xmas parties, and a GF eater, so we usually end up with three desserts for Christmas lunch. I enjoy Christmas pud, but would be perfectly happy with pavlova! Negoni is out though as it has orange in it – I believe – and orange is a nono for me.

    • 1. I realise how lucky I was finding the one I did.
      2. I have ordered from Uncommon Goods before and from memory, the key is to buy a few things to even out the shipping! (They have some great stuff).
      7. Yes, too much orange in Negroni for a non-orange eater. Personally, I love oranges and eat one almost every day.

      • 2. Yes I do that with other OS companies. It lessens the pain somewhat!

        7. It’s allergy/intolerance for me, and a real bummer because the most common gf cake is Orange Almond. Used to be about the only one, but fortunately with more awareness these days there are more options.

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