Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. I can’t wait for Charlotte Wood’s new book, The Weekend. And how good is the cover?!

02. The 2019 Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction shortlist was announced yesterday. I haven’t read any (but Lisa has) – I have a couple on reserve at the library.

03. I would like an ‘exciting new style of book club’.

04. Watching #ALLTHESHOWS – Chernobyl, The A Word, The Hunting, Divorce, and finishing Handmaid’s.

05. Travel bucket list.

06. And speaking of travel, Mr BAMFAB and I were looking ahead to next year and it seems there are dozens of opportunities for trips but so little time (Penang {Leanne, call me}; Vanuatu; Nepal {Lou, call me}; and my mothers group ‘big trip’ – destination to be determined but probably NYC). Plus, some dear friends have moved to New Zealand, so we obviously need to visit them. I need to save, save, save.

07. People do amazing things.

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  1. We go everywhere in Europe by train, and had two terrific weeks in NZ with no car, the train journey from south to north is gorgeous.
    #Muttering Don’t know why we can’t have nice trains here in Oz….

    • Our friends are in Nelson (north of the South Island – I love saying that). We were thinking a visit with them and then some travel but probably NOT a campervan (six people in that small space might be a little trying).

      • I spent 11 days in Nelson earlier this year – wasn’t by choice (my husband ended up in hospital so I was on my own). I think I explored every corner of that town. It;s a great base to travel around. Lots of restaurants/bars. I recommend a visit to the Japanese garden (small but so peaceful) and if you are feeling energetic a steep walk up to the center of New zealand.

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