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01. The 2019 Miles Franklin Award goes to Melissa Lucashenko for her novel, Too Much Lip. Check out Lisa and Sue’s reviews.

02. This job in Maldives has come up again… I’m thinking I’ll apply in seven years (when my kids have finished school) – it can be my middle-aged gap year…

03. Not pretending otherwise – I’m excited.

04. Two things I’ve watched and enjoyed last week – the Netflix movie, The Fundamentals of Caring (based on the book by Jonathan Evison, which I only just realised I own but haven’t read. Drat. Because: first book, then movie). And the BBC mini-series, A Very English Scandal (shown in Australia on Foxtel).

05. I had completely forgotten about Scorched Peanut Bars and now I want one. And a Sunnyboy, and a Pollywaffle, and a Milo Bar (remember how they would suck every bit of moisture from your mouth?).

06. Anyone used Blinkist? I guess microlearning is useful if you have lots of material you have to get through but it just feels contrary to everything I try to do (i.e. slow down).

07. Yay! Got tickets for a-ha and Rick.

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  1. 1. Yes congrats to Melissa Lucashenko. Class analysis is generally avoided in “classless” Oz, so good to see it out in in the open and especially the distinction being made between (mainly white) working class and the often Black underclass.

    2. Maldives idyllic no doubt. For tourists.

  2. 2. You should definitely do this!
    4. A Very English Scandal was so good! Hugh Grant really surprised me.
    &. Hooray! I’m going through a bit of an a-ha phase at the moment because Top of the Pops from the 80s is being repeated, and I’d forgotten just how good Morten’s voice is (I think 11 year old me was more mesmerised by the cheekbones, 42 year old me is, of course, above such considerations 😉 ) Have a fab time!

    • 2. I know. I really should.
      4. He surprised me as well. Naturally I googled the whole thing once I’d finished watching – the outcome of the court case was insane!
      7. I think at the concert they are playing the Hunting High album in order. Can’t wait.

    • I thought it was fantastic – totally gripping. Hugh Grant surprised me – I’m used to seeing him in a different kind of ‘charming’ role – he was really excellent.

  3. No. 1 – thanks for the link! A great win. And No. 2 – this made me laugh.

    Nothing much more to add as I haven’t seen any of the programs you mention but the idea of Hugh Grant in a different role is appealing. I’d love to see what he’s made of.

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