Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Saw Michael Pollan talk about his latest book, How to Change Your Mind, at Melbourne Town Hall last week (we’re so lucky to have the Wheeler Centre organising these events for Melburnians). His stories about his research were very entertaining. (pic via MMA)

02. Author talk + margaritas and the best bbq corn = best Friday night (we followed the Michael Pollan talk with dinner at an old fave, Mamasita).

03. Watched the film What We Did On Our Holiday. Bawled, laughed and decided that 5yo Harriet Turnbull who plays Jess is a comic genius.

04. My pre-MWF-reading includes Corey White’s newly released memoir, The Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory; Shell by Kristina Olsson; and Angela Savage’s soon to be released novel, Mother of Pearl. I’ve just finished the White, have Olsson in the reading stack, and have an ARC of the Savage. Yay!

05. It’s nothing fancy but I’m absolutely obsessed with this red capsicum, fetta and jalapeno dip.

06. This article on the rising popularity of audiobooks. I like the ‘oral history’ and ‘our craving for stories’ angle.

07. I call bullshit on this list. Monte Carlo is the winner and Scotch Fingers should be binned.

08. Hello there hot honey pretzel chicken with some delicious looking sauce.

09. I’m totally bias but I love the film my son put together after our trip last Christmas.

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  1. Thanks for that link to the article about audiobooks. I’m a great fan – they keep me sane on long car journeys and also on the treadmill. I can’t believe that people change the speed to get through them quicker however – are they so pressed for time???

    • I thought the same about changing the speed and equally have wondered about things like Blinkist – I suppose it’s for people who aren’t ‘reading’ for pleasure.

  2. I change the speed on my audiobooks if it’s nonfiction that I’m reading for work, often the material is incredibly dry and I don’t want to give anymore listening time to it than necessary. I love the film – you guys saw so much!

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