Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. People are so talented (these beautiful cakes by artist Leslie Vigil).

02. I. Am. Devastated. (My local bookshop is for sale/ closing)

03. I just loved 63 Up. Also this article about significant moments from the series.

04. I think this is such an interesting idea. UK readers, did anyone travel on one of these ‘chat day’ trains or buses?

05. I have no shame. None.

06. This article about death and social media.

07. I keep thinking, ‘Winter hasn’t been so bad…’ and then realising we’re only a third of the way through.

08. Filing this watermelon punch recipe away for summer.

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  1. 1.That cake looks amazing! It looks like Frida Kahlo really got into baking 🙂
    2. Have you ever thought of running a bookshop? Go on….
    3. I need to sit and watch the series from the beginning of 7up. One of my colleagues did that and said it was heart wrenching but amazing.
    4. No, but it got a lot of coverage. I think bus companies up north did quite a bit around it.(I’m not sure why because northerners will chat to anyone, its us stuffy southerners that need a push!)
    6. This is really interesting to me because I moderate an online community where many members have died. I’ve still not worked out the best way to manage that.
    7. My hayfever is killing me. I would happily embrace winter right now…
    8. …then again, there are advantages to summer. 🙂

  2. I) Ditto what madamebibliophile says
    2) Ditto above
    3) Ditto something (actually, I’d love to watch all these, I somehow saw the first couple and then seem to have missed them since, I love these sorts of Docos, like Gillian Armstrong’s series on the Adelaide girls)
    4) No because I’m in Canberra! Haha.
    5) Hmmm
    6) I’ll read this later but I know it’s an issue. I was in an online reading group – but via listserv emails (remember those days?) – and a member died. Her daughter was able to access her email and send us a message. It’s truly awful when someone just disappears, and you don’t know why. Who says people on social media don’t care for each other?
    7) Oh Ditto, Ditto, what you said. Me too, in other words.
    8) I;m very picky about watermelon to eat, but I love watermelon flavoured drinks.

  3. I’m the same age as the particpants in 63 Up so, as you can imagine, I’m an ardent fan. This year’s instalment was both wrenching and heartening.

    I’m so sorry about your bookshop. Indies have to work so hard just to keep their heads above water although life for chain bookshops is no picnic, either.

  4. 2. At least you have other bookshops.
    6. I’m happy not to unfriend deceased relos if others want to keep the account open. They (the accounts) seem to fade away anyway.
    7. You’re joking, it’s freezing! I started this morning at 6.00 (in Melbourne’s northern suburbs) with a heavy wool jumper over my usual 3 layers plus long sleeve t.shirt.

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