Show-off holiday post – Point Hicks

We’ve just returned from four days at Point Hicks, located in far east Victoria, in the Croajingolong National Park.

It’s remote (the nearest town, Cann River, is over an hour from Point Hicks), so we were completely off-grid. We stayed in the historic lighthouse keeper’s cottage and spent our days swimming, snorkelling and hiking. And reading, and playing epic games of Monopoly, and marvelling at the ginormous Easter moon.

Why have one beach all to yourself when you can have three?

The lighthouse-keeper took us inside the lighthouse (that’s a Victorian iron staircase – each step is individual and bolted to the next).

We hiked to the sand dunes near the Thurra River estuary.

No whales but lots of fur seals. And a busy wombat; an Easter Bilby (real, not chocolate); and a snake, two metres long, that slithered up behind me when I was reading – I moved away very, very slowly.

We will return to Point Hicks – I quite liked having a beach all to myself.

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  1. Such beautiful weather!! We flew to Brisbane for the long weekend (for a wedding) and it did nothing but RAIN!! Definitely would have preferred the sun back home in Melbourne. (Also, how weird is that? Sun in Melbourne and rain in Brisbane?!)

    • The water was initially brisk but fine once I was under. Water always warmer at Easter than it is at the beginning of December and given that I missed a summer of saltwater I was willing to try anything.

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