Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Isn’t John Irving’s writing process bananas?! (I can’t wait for Darkness as a Bride.)

02. I’ve been to one Comedy Festival show (Urzila Carlson – ace) and have another lined up for next week but I miss the Festival of the nineties, when you’d go to back-to-back shows for the price of a beer, and half the comedians you’d never heard of but it didn’t matter anyway because the show was the price of a beer… The last few years I’ve found the programme overwhelmingly large – perhaps I’m just old and out of the loop?

03. Would you pay for podcasts? I would if the content was good.

04. Because I love an international swimming experience, maybe I should add Poland to the travel list?

05. I don’t know why but hearing someone say “A pair of curtains…” in a Swedish accent is relaxing.

06. I’m going to organise a girls weekend here.

07. Love the Gorman and Rachel Castle collab.

08. Goals.

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    • I worked at City Baths for many years and still love it for its quirks (eg its 30m pool which some assumed was 25m and then felt their swim left them more tired than usual…). Yarra pool? Do you mean Richmond Recreation Centre?

      Ultimately I always prefer an outdoor pool and my favourites – Hawthorn before its fancy reno, and Balwyn outdoor 50m (which is where I swim now).

      • Oh yes, I know it! Bizarrely I was in an ad for Janzen swimwear (doesn’t exist anymore) and it was filmed there. I was nine and I had to dive through a banner 😂 Not sure if the ad was ever shown anywhere!

  1. When I saw Irving speak at the college where I worked back in 2008, he said that he always writes the last line of a novel first, and the last line of every chapter first, so he knows what he’s aiming for. He struck me as very methodical, even formulaic, though that doesn’t come through in the finished product. I didn’t know he had a new novel in the works, so that’s exciting (even though I DNFed his latest one).

    • So jealous that you’ve heard him speak! He and Judy Blume are at the top of my dream-author-talks list.
      I read an interview with Irving years ago and was amazed that he wrote his last line first but didn’t know that applied to every chapter!
      I loved his last book but not the one before that… I am a devoted fan, so will most certainly read the next.

      • Although I prefer his earlier stuff, I loved Twisted River and it’s one of my favourites. Although I didn’t like the magic realism in his last one, there were scenes and characters that were vintage Irving and overall I enjoyed it.

    • I listen while walking but also when I’m doing chores, cooking, or driving. I rarely listen to audiobooks so my listening time is usually spent on podcasts.

  2. 1. John Irving’s process is insane – but I guess it works, maybe more writers should adopt it?
    2. I feel the same about comedy in the UK, in the 90s it was messier and less professional and I miss those types of shows 😀
    8. I share your goals…

  3. That sorbet looks wonderful, but as for John Irving… sorry, I gave up on him several novels ago. He went downhill fast after A Prayer for Owen Meany and I just can’t take all his meandering all over the place anymore. The last of his books I tried to read was Until I Find you and I gave up after about 80-90 pages. But if that’s your thing, I’m glad you still enjoy his work.

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