The 2019 Stella Prize shortlist

Happy International Women’s Day everyone and hooray for the 2019 Stella Prize shortlist.

Although I’d read half the longlist, I wasn’t prepared to make predictions, short of telling everyone that they simply had to read The Arsonist, and that Bluebottle spoke to me on many levels. So that panned out well…!

To the hot-off-the-press shortlist:

I’ve only read one (and halfway through The Bridge); have two more (Ackland and Lau); and will get my hands on the others. The winner is announced on April 9, 2019.

Time to get reading!

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  1. And no The arsonist, eh? I’ve read two, have a guest post for another on my blog – an absolute record for me – and am currently reading Lucashenko. Would love to read the others if I can. Will see. My Dad (nearly 99) is in hospital and with family coming and going my reading time is sorely limited. I had my Stella post partly drafted in advance which helped me get it out!

  2. Ha ha, Kate’s predictions are the kiss of death!
    Actually, not only should The Arsonist be there, but also Elizabeth Macarthur, and the only reason it’s not is that she’s ineligible because she is part of the Stella team.
    But I’m very pleased to see The Bridge there. I love Enza Gandolfo’s writing, she’s such a wise and thoughtful writer, and her first novel Swimming was a joy to read too.

    • I’m beginning to think that’s right – maybe publishers will pay me to shut up?!

      I’m halfway through The Bridge at the moment and really enjoying it – such a vivid story. I’ll certainly be looking up Swimming.

  3. Since I’ve read not a single one of these I’m not qualified to make any judgements about what could/should win. Lucky we have you and a few other bloggers to help point us in the right direction …..

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