The 2019 Stella Prize Longlist

I was at a school information night tonight, surreptitiously looking at Twitter for the announcement of the 2019 Stella Prize longlist.

And as the books were announced I had to focus on VCE assessment and ‘good study habits’ rather than sending congratulations messages to lovely authors (go Jenny, you little ripper!); hitting my library’s online reservation system; and marking books on Goodreads… I’m home now and I’m ready to start reading.

To the list:

Little Gods by Jenny Ackland
Man Out of Time by Stephanie Bishop
Bluebottle by Belinda Castles
The Bridge by Enza Gandolfo
The Arsonist by Chloe Hooper
The Death of Noah Glass by Gail Jones
Pink Mountain on Locust Island by Jamie Marina Lau
The Erratics by Vicki Laveau-Harvie
Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee
Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko
Axiomatic by Maria Tumarkin
The World Was Whole by Fiona Wright

My first impressions – seems there is more fiction than non-fiction this year; lots of stories focused on family ‘mysteries’; no doorstoppers (phew); a few surprising omissions.

I predicted four. I’ve read two (Hooper and Lee), own another one (Ackland) and have placed a bunch of library reservations.

The shortlist will be announced on March 8 and the winner on April 9, 2019.

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  1. Well done for predicting 1/3 of them! I’ve read a previous book by Stephanie Bishop, but otherwise (apart from your coverage) these are unfamiliar to me. I hope some will make it over to the UK.

  2. I’ve read The Death of Noah Glass and very much enjoyed it. I remember reading Stephanie Bishop’s The Other Side of the World a few years back and enjoying that, too. Fingers crossed some of these will make there way on to UK publishing lists.

  3. I love that you’re brave enough to have a go at long-listing. I was at Evita last night (am in Melbourne visiting kids and grandson) so pre-drafted as much of my post as I could (including the link to your Eggshell Skull post) with my predictions before we went out. I had 4 (Hooper, Lee, Lucashenko, Tumarkin) – but I seriously wondered as I was sitting in the tram whether I should have added Lau. (I didn’t have 12 in my list but I did have to remove a couple of miss-guesses like Clare Wright and Olsson!) I forgot about Ackland because I think Little Gods was very early in 2018 wasn’t it?

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