Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. The picture above is of Gardiner’s Creek. The creek adjoins an oval where my kids play lacrosse (in fact I took this pic last Saturday as they were warming up before their game). The local council is planning to rip up the grass and replace it with an artificial soccer pitch (with a 1.8m fence and extensive car-parking). I can’t tell you how angry it has made me, for all sorts of reasons (environmental, hydrological, community access to open space, light pollution, provision of multi-use facilities, and I could go on). Needless to say, I’m protesting the development. Hard.

02. There seems to be a strong war theme in this year’s Man Booker longlist… not really my cup of tea. Anyway, I’ve only read one (Ryan), which I loved. I want to read the Rooney and the Powers, and I’m intrigued by the Burns.

03. Comprehension of audiobooks versus hard copies – without doubt I get distracted listening to audiobooks (hence being careful about what I listen to).

04. Thanks to Paula for alerting me to this interview with Jonathan Franzen.

05. This is a long video but if you like orchestral music, set aside half an hour to listen to this funny take on individual instruments.

06. This is the kind of world news I like.

07. Tequila rosé spritz seems like a good idea.

08. According to my family, I’m the only person who finds Russell Coight funny.

09. Uni has started again – goodbye spare reading time.

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  1. I really hope you win over Gardiner’s Creek. It would be a tragedy if it were ripped up and replaced with astroturf. I have similar examples from my local council 🙁

    I hadn’t heard about the toblerone! Probably the only good news item so far this year – hooray!

    • I’m basically always fighting astroturf – once the grass is gone you never get it back and I do believe there’s an impossible-to-measure intrinsic value in grass (as well as all the other good reasons to keep it).

      The Toblerone news seemed to be UK based but hoping that the change reaches Aus – the spaced pieces are rubbish. Part of the joy of the old Toblerone was breaking off a piece and ‘accidentally’ getting three.

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