Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. The highlight of our trip to Hawaii (in 2015) was snorkelling at the Kapoho lava tide pools. Can’t believe it’s all gone.

02. My internet provider just gave me three months free on a movie/ television service (Stan). So now I get to watch Sweetbitter and UnREAL S3 and Younger. Yay!

03. Miles Franklin 2018 shortlist (have only read The Life to Come). Pop over to ANZ Litlovers – Lisa has reviewed them all.

04. First reveals for Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 are up. Get excited!

05. Wondering what I was thinking when I set my 20 Books of Summer list – I included five books of 400+ pages…

06. I have such a weakness for lovely ‘magazines’ that are more like books than periodicals – Cereal and Peddler.

07. Sex and the City in 2018.

08. Last night I went to hear Mari Andrew speak at a School of Life event. She talked about isolation, healing, empathy and authenticity (her new book focuses on relationships and travel). Mari’s illustrations are superb and she has the knack of adding exactly the right words.

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  1. 07. I’d watch that Sex and the City, though I think I’d spend most of the first few episodes being embarrassed (by their discussions). Back when I did watch tv I would record SatC, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.

    • My attention span for multiple seasons of tv shows is fairly limited but SatC was one of the few shows that I watched every episode of. If I’m flicking around now and come across an episode, I usually watch – the television equivalent of comfort food!
      I watched the first two seasons of Desperate Housewives but never got passed that and I missed Brothers & Sisters – from memory everyone was raving about it but I think it started when I was busy with babies!

    • She’s very clever, isn’t she? I think she’s good at acknowledging that life isn’t always great and although she puts a positive spin on things, it’s with the lightest of touches – in her talk, she was clear about the fact that people saying “Cheer up!” is supremely unhelpful when you’re down!

  2. I love those cartoons, especially the gravestones. I am often guilty of comparing myself to others, and just talking/dreaming about the things I’d like to do but never actually doing them. I didn’t know you had a branch of the School of Life in Oz! I love their books and events. That’s where I went (in London) for a bibliotherapy appointment in January.

    • I have my own (mental) version of that gravestones picture and it’s been guiding me for many years now – plus I’m old enough to know that comparing yourself to others is a tiring and unrewarding business!

      School of Life have a bibliotherapy program here as well (it’s new). I really will have to go.

  3. Oh Lord, 3 free months of a premium channel? I’d be welded to my couch the entire time.

    I love those illustrations! They make me feel sad, but not too much- a little bit of hope?

  4. Friend of mine lives (for the moment anyway) a few blocks from “Fissure 8” the worst of the lava producing areas on the Big Island. It has been terrible; the acre of land he lives on has been destroyed by acid rain from the eruptions, the air is terrible; the sound of the fissure is “like an airplane engine”, and of course, the not-knowing if his house will be destroyed by lava next is horrible. He grieves the loss of the Kapoho tide pools as well as his neighbors properties even as he understands that nature will do as nature does.

    • Must be so frightening – the actual lava/ rain/ noise but also the uncertainty.

      We loved Kapoho so much and had even spotted a house that was available for rent for next time we visited 🙁 The only comfort is that they are lava pools and they will continue to be lava pools – the fish and turtles will come back but it was such a weird, magical place.

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