Book vs. Film: Breath


  • because I’m a sucker for beautiful writing about water. Winton is at his best in Breath.
  • the triangulation between Pikelet, Loonie and Sando (you don’t get the full context in the film… but you do get Simon Baker, so I guess there’s that… ).
  • the tension. It’s hard to write about wanting to catch a wave.

Book here. Film here.

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    • Very, very good. I re-read Breath a few months ago in anticipation of the movie and was reminded of how good the surf scenes in the book are. And the bits where the boys are playing at holding their breathe in the river (which was left out of the movie – I know they can’t include everything but the boys history of daring each other gave some of the other stuff that happens with Eva more context).

    • I think his stories are very masculine – this one certainly is. I reckon this is one of his best (I also liked Cloudstreet a lot). I think if you’re going to read him, don’t binge!

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