Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. I went to the Lionel Richie concert on Sunday night. We were Dancing On the Ceiling All Night Long. Sure, some might consider his ballads cheesy but I can’t resist singing along to Hello, Truly and Say You, Say Me.

02. I’m ready for Picnic at Hanging Rock. I know, I know, how can it be better than the Peter Weir version… (or the book, obviously)?

03. The thing is, I think of the nineties as ‘the last decade’ and I’m always weirdly shocked when I realise that they started over half my life ago…

04. Adnan Syed gets a new trial. Does that mean we get more Serial?

05. The Breakfast Club in the age of #MeToo – a brilliant piece by Molly Ringwald.

06. This made me so sad…

07. Totally obsessed with these.

08. Really, really looking forward to Breath (and wondering if I can squeeze in a quick re-read before the May movie release).

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  1. 1. Yep, cheesy
    2. It can’t possibly be. And with all the films in the universe that might be made why ‘remake’ a masterpiece?
    3. I think of anything after about 1980 as recent ( but what happened to rock’n’roll!)
    5. Yes, really thoughtful
    8. Nup, the book was ok (for Winton) but not interested in the movie.

    • 1. So I guess you’re not listening to Lionel when you’re on the road?
      2. I know but I can’t help myself… I will do a review as well, so you will have to look away when I post it. Same goes for no. 8
      3. The eighties were my teen years so the 90s feel like adulthood…which I seem to have been doing for decades now…

      • The 80s were my bringing up kids (and enormous mortgage repayments) years. Dave Warner was belting them out when it started and next time I came up for air it was Hunters & Collectors at the Jindabyne Hotel. I finally got to see Dave Warner in 2005 with a crowd of 20 at his local in Bicton, Perth.

    • Funny because I had trouble even finding trailer for the movie, despite the fact that it is released in Australian cinemas on May 3rd – don’t they want publicity?!

  2. 3. Totally understand. I was a mature student 2011-14 and every week the youngsters would have a themed night on the Friday in the bar. One week it was 90s – I was outraged! The 90s weren’t a thing, they literally just happened! Then I realised it was 20 years ago. Most of them were wee kids in the 90s at most whereas I was a teen/young adult, so our reminiscences were very different. One of them asked me “Which Spice Girl were you at your friends’ birthday parties?” I was genuinely baffled. Then I tried to explain grunge 😀

    • I had a similar experience at uni as a mature-age student. Overheard two guys talking about what they were going to wear to a 90s party and one said “Double denim…?” I wanted to interrupt to say ‘Save the double denim for an 80s party and breakout a forest green double-breasted suit and novelty print tie instead’ 😂

  3. Yay for Lionel Ritchie and yes, what’s it with the nineties not being where they should?? I saw a van the other day for a building firm with ‘Est. 1996’ on it. My rational brain knows that was over 20 years ago, but the rest of me wonders why they are advertising something that was just a few years ago!

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