Best Books of 2017 – a list of lists


It’s that time of the year when newspapers and magazines publish their ‘Best of 2017’ lists.

I know, it’s November…

I have noticed that this year many of the lists include a Best of 2017 ‘so far’ disclaimer – do you think the publishers have finally realised that a lot of reading can happen in the last five weeks of the year?! Or perhaps it’s a loophole so that they can publish another list when I reveal the list of books that made the most Best of 2017 lists? Either way, all of these fabulous lists will probably do some serious damage to the TBR stack.

The Best of 2017 According to #ALLTHELISTS will be coming in the next week or so – stay tuned!

The Times Best Fiction of 2017 – they make you skip through some ‘register to read’ hoops in order to get to the list of 20 books.

Esquire’s 40 Best Books of 2017 – I strongly disagree with one of their picks but otherwise, an interesting and ‘conversation provoking’ list.

Publishers Weekly – short lists for various genres as well as an overall top ten best books for the year.

Readings – fiction plus 11 other ‘Best of 2017’ lists.

New York Times Notable Books 2017 – so annoying that I have so many of these still sitting in the TBR stack… (the critics choices here).

Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction Books of 2017 – broken down into useful categories such as ‘best fictional families’ and ‘best debuts’. You’re sure to find a ripper here.

Amazon Best Books of 2017 – there’s a bunch of genre lists but I’m interested in the 20 books that made the literature and fiction list.

The Globe 100 Best Books of the Year – a slight Canadian bias…

Washington Post’s Ten Best Books of 2017 – includes handy one-line ‘reviews’.

Refinery29 Our Favourite Books of 2017 – the list was published in October. At least they had the decency to add a ‘So Far’ in the title.

The What: 25 Best Fiction Books 2017 – the list guides readers who like particular things or genres.

The Week’s Best Books of 2017 – 22 ‘must-reads’.

The Standard Best Books of 2017 – interesting list of 40 fiction and non-fiction titles.

Popsugar 58 of the Best Books of 2017 – fiction and non-fiction that ‘can’t be missed’.

The Telegraph’s Have I Got Novels For You – the Best Fiction of 2017 – The list is embedded in commentary (and you have to register to get access).

Newsday’s Best Books of 2017 – a trim list of ten.

Elle Best Books of 2017 – a good mix of 13 (I admit it, I was expecting water-cooler-fiction).

The Guardian Best Books of 2017 – not a list so much as a two-part commentary by authors on their picks of the year (part two here).

Chicago Public Library’s Best Books of 2017 – seems to be quite a bit of non-fiction on this list.

Financial Times Best Books of 2017 Fiction – no surprises (although includes one of my favourite authors for the year).

LA Times Best Books of 2017 – twenty picks for guaranteed good reading.

Australian Book Review 2017 Books of the Year – authors do the nominating.

Alex Preston’s Best Fiction of 2017 – short but enticing commentary.

Harper’s Bazaar The 19 Best New Books of 2017 (So Far) – safe, solid choices.

Huffington Post Best Fiction Choices of 2017 – I didn’t know Akhil Sharma had a new book out…

GQ These Are the Best Books of 2017 – claps for the 80s music references.

The Economist Books of the Year 2017 – a non-fiction focus with a small bunch of novels.

USA Today 10 Books We Loved Reading in 2017 – one or two surprises but otherwise, same same.

Paste Magazine The 25 Best Novels of 2017 – not as eclectic as last year’s selections but a good seletion ll the same.

Maclean’s Best Books of 2017 – a trim list of ten.

Buzzfeed 24 Best Fiction Books of 2017 – ignore the migraine-inducing gif and get to the list.

Sydney Morning Herald The Year in Reading – authors chip in with their favourites of 2017.



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  1. I noticed how lots of them had tacked on “so far”…I almost bypassed them in my Google search then noticed the post date!!

    So far, I’ve been on a completely different wavelength than most of the lists…haha!

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  3. Reblogged this on Tasmanian Bibliophile @Large and commented:
    I need to look through these lists when I have a little more time to see how many inclusions I may have read, or hope to read. I love looking at the ‘best of’ lists compiled by others. How about you? Which ten books would you rate most highly in 2017?

  4. How did I miss that you posted this list?! Thanks for doing all the work. I’m kind of scared to look at them because I don’t think I’ve read any books that made the lists, and now my tbr list is gonna go crazy (it’s already out of hand, but this is gonna ruin all the attempts I did this year of getting the list down to a manageable length).

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