The Mothers by Brit Bennett

Five things about The Mothers by Brit Bennett –

01. The cover is perfection. To be honest, I mostly wanted to read this book because of the cover.

02. It wasn’t as contemp-lit as I was expecting…

03. There were some thoughtful moments but on the whole, for a story about extremely sensitive issues, I wasn’t emotionally engaged.

Grief was not a line, carrying you infinitely further from loss.

04. I didn’t care for the Greek chorus at all.

05. I always like a story about friends – the two girls in The Mothers were perhaps an unlikely match but opposites attract and all that… Was it likely the friendship would have endured given the circumstances? I’m not convinced (again, there was something missing on an emotional level).

2.5/5 Didn’t meet my expectations.



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    • That’s so interesting because I thought it was TOO TIDY – some of the elements of the plot were resolved a little too easily or quickly. But love that we all read the same book through different eyes.

  2. Can’t disagree with any of this! I found it quick read, but there were pieces about the friendship that really bugged me. I like a good Greek chorus now and then, but didn’t feel like this one was consistent enough — there either needed to be a lot more of it, or don’t use it. But yeah, that’s one amazing cover!

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