Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. Life lessons by Anthony Bourdain (it’s old but How Sweet It Is reminded me).

02. Is it too early for Christmas present hints? No? Good. This. My strength in the kitchen is not generally in baking but Pfeffernüsse, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte and Zwetschgenkuchen speak to me.

03. I know this post about Violent Femmes and J. K. Rowling has been doing the rounds but if you haven’t already read it, do so (said as a Femmes fan).

04. Related: I basically have to set aside a few hours to read the whole of Ruth and Martin’s Album Club blog.

05. On Tuesday I made a list of the books that I planned to read before the end of the year. I forgot a few: The Good People by Hannah Kent; all of Jay McInerney’s Calloway series; and Girl On the Train (because I’m seeing the movie next week).

06. I love stuff about genetics – this story BLEW. MY. MIND.

07. And another good-news-science-story.

08. I’ve left dozens of comments on blogs over the last week or so and have only just realised that none of them have been posted. What’s going on WordPress? I know this has happened to others recently – how do I fix it?

09. These fashion-meets-books things are always fun.

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    • A friend of mine sat next to him at dinner one night (and didn’t know all that much about him so wasn’t star-struck) – she said he was lovely. And very funny. 😍

  1. I love that quote and have said as much many times although not quite in those words! And I’m currently trying to work off the consequences of too much from number two on your list after our central European jaunt. Thanks for the positive science stories, much needed in what feels like a dismal year for the world.

    • My family eats together, at the table, at least five nights a week. No television, no distractions, just conversation. I’m sure as my kids get older and their activities cut into the evening it will become harder but for now, I’m pleased we manage it.

      Yes, I loved your post about your holiday… Germans really know how to serve cake 🙂

  2. 09. Amazing 🙂
    08. I check my spam filter fairly reguarly after a regular commenter suddenly got placed in there & the only time its happened since was this week, to you. I marked the comment as not spam and then approved it, so hopefully it won’t happen again. I assumed it was my account, not yours – how frustrating! I’ve no idea what makes it happen…

  3. 1 – I agree with this 100%
    2 – Definitely not too early. I dropped a hint (in the form of outright asking for a thing – but it’s really expensive so I know I’m not getting it) months ago for a thing. And just this week I sent my mum a link to a thing I want and she bought it for me. Hint away I say, especially since many people will likely benefit from the present you’d be hinting at.
    6 + 7 – SO MUCH SCIENCE NEWS. It truly is the best.
    8 – I got emails from WordPress to let me know you’d commented on my stuff, so they definitely worked on my blog. I just have to get around to replying…

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