Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. This.

02. It’s like the tele gods have been listening – Cold Feet revival  (Madame Bibi alerted me and then two days later, it was announced it would be coming to Australia) AND a Heathers  TV series.

03. Saw MTC’s Disgraced last week – thought-provoking stuff. Brought to mind a book that I read years ago but still think about – The Submission by Amy Waldman.

04. A little rumour that there’s to be an Australian book blogger symposium…?

05. The Man Booker 2016 shortlist – have only read Eileen (repulsive and I loved it) but Hot Milk on my wishlist.

06. Having a quiet day because had a late* night at Po’ Boy Quarter/ Huey Long’s. Highlight: Alligator Cheesecake served with a Moonshine, Tobacco & Pistachio cocktail.


07. Lionel Shriver went from the Melbourne Writers Festival to the Brisbane Writers Festival where it seems she created quite the furore (and it made the New York Times).

08. I am totally in love with this nail polish colour but hate the fact that it’s matte. #firstworldproblem but even a glossy top coat doesn’t lift it….

09. You know I love sparkly boots, right? These.

10. I don’t craft but may be forced to take up cross stitch to do this little number (spotted by my friend Sam).


*nothing to do with cocktails named Corpse Reviver, Lil Sue and Hurricane or the whiskey Sazeracs we finished the night with. Nothing. At. All.

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    • It’s really ramped up to a new level of crazy. I simply can’t believe the BWF hired her thinking she’d do as she was told! There’s a great article about it in The Australian today by Caroline Overington which I thought hit the nail on the head.

      • Sheesh, the Oz drives me mad… why don’t they put stuff about books in the Review (which is the only bit I read)? We get it delivered but it’s still paywalled online so I can’t read it till I find what The Spouse has done with the other sections…

  1. Muriel’s Wedding was fun…but a musical? Not feeling it. lol.

    Love that nail color, too, but I like my nails to be glossy.

    I love cross-stitched things, especially that particular one…lol.

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog. Enjoy!

    • I guess you can’t really wear nail polish nursing?? I tend to wear dark colours in winter – navy blue, cobalt and grey and bright pastels in summer – coral, mint, and yellow. Either way, I reckon I’ve worn nail polish every day for the last 25 years!

  2. Muriel the musical? I hadn’t heard about that. A friend of mine was a psychologist who worked with young people and often prescribed that movie for her clients!

    Like the idea of Heathers the TV series, I hope they don’t stuff it up!

    And I haven’t read ANY of the books on the Booker shortlist (or longlist!).

  3. 1- Amazing.
    4 – Where did you hear this rumour?
    5 – I’m incredibly disappointed ‘The North Water’ didn’t make the shortlist. I’m going to reread it to console myself.
    8 – Matte metallic sounds like it should be an oxymoron, but I can kind of get how it works.
    9 – Better take out a loan.

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