Miles Franklin 2016 Shortlist


The Miles Franklin Literary Award shortlist was announced today (via Twitter).

Thoughts… Well I know who I’d like to win (Wood)… And I’m glad it wasn’t a complete repeat of the Stella shortlist…

I’ll try to read the other books before the winner is announced so that when I make loud-judgy-comments they’re at least based on informed opinion.

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  1. You have some fine reading ahead of you!
    I bet you are gnashing your teeth about Hope Farm, so am I. There must be something in it that we don’t ‘get’, I suppose. It’s quite a nice little book in its YA-ish way, but I’m blessed if I know what it has that displaced all of Ghost River, The Hands and Coming Rain…

    • Yes, spot-on regarding Hope Farm! Was it marketed as YA? I always thought it was intended for adults… Anyway, I don’t want to think about it or I’ll be irritated all over again 😀 Instead, I’ll look forward to what’s ahead!

  2. You are in for treats with Salt Creek and Black Rock. I haven’t read Myf’s book but definitely will now. I always intended to read Leap, I feel I have to more quickly now! I’m not going to ‘go’for any one of them, but I *think* it will be The Natural Way of Things or Black Rock White City, I’m giving even odds if not slightly tilting towards Alec’s book because of the Stella (I know it doesn’t work like that, who knows how it works).

  3. PS If I was Tony Birch or some of the others I’d be quite mystified/outright shitty. Surely you’d think for the highest literary award the country has, that there’d be some sense of paying your dues first?

  4. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘paying your dues’ Jenny, but I think yes, Birch, Orr and Daisley are entitled to be snaky. Commenting as one who has read all of the longlist, and a good few other eligible books besides, it’s starting to look as if judges are redressing an historic gender imbalance by reverse sexism at the expense of some very fine books.

    • I’m not sure what I mean by that either Lisa! 🙂 I’m in no way making any comments about the books on the list or their quality, not at all. A writer doesn’t have to ‘pay their dues’ to write a stunning book, award-worthy book. I think I’m just talking out of my you-know-what. I think it’s a great list but I haven’t read the three you mention above.

    • (Also just want to say I don’t think reverse sexism exists as anything other than a term. But ‘correcting the gender imbalance of previous years’, yes maybe though you’d think distinguished prizes with distinguished judges would not do that.)

  5. I’ve not read any of these but from the synopsis the two that interest me the most are Black Rock White City and The Natiral Way of Things. My eye was immediately drawn to Myfanwy Jones With a name like that she has to have Welsh origins so I thought I would show some patriotic support and get that to read. But when I saw it’s partly set in a zoo my interest faded.

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