Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. Eclipses are ace, aren’t they?

2. Looking for a new meme to get involved in? I was reminded of the Meme Directory that Bookshelf Fantasies curates this week (and submitted 6 Degrees of Separation, naturally).

3. Last week I wrote a post, Lately, checking in on what I was currently ranting about. I already need to amend it:

  • Listening: Serial S1 (I know, how very 2014 of me). But seriously guys, I’m cross that you didn’t make me listen to this sooner. I’m now in that Listen to Serial in Every Spare Possible Moment stage of life*.
  • Watching: UnREAL – heard about this last year. Australia has finally caught up. It’s good.

4. The Stella Prize shortlist is announced today (at noon**). My predictions:

  • A Guide to Berlin by Gail Jones
  • The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop
  • Six Bedrooms by Tegan Bennett Daylight
  • The World Without Us by Mireille Juchau
  • The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood
  • Small Acts of Disappearance: Essays on Hunger by Fiona Wright

5. I’m still wondering why Shirley Barrett’s Rush Oh! didn’t make the Stella longlist…

6. And yes, an early call (particularly as I haven’t read all of the Stella longlist books), but I reckon Charlotte Wood has it in the bag.

7. This Shit Bar Idea Generator cracks me up.

8. It will be winter in Melbourne before I even know it. I hate winter. Maybe a seasonal pin set will make it more bearable?

9. Now I’m putting this clip here not because I think everyone needs a drumming lesson but because I know I’ll be looking for it for my son (who is a drummer) at some point and I won’t remember the deets.

10. As they say, don’t rule something out until you’ve tried it


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*Please note, I’m also in a Serial media blackout, so no spoilers please.
**So obviously I’ll be going book shopping at 12.10pm (because of this loophole in my book-buying-ban).

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  1. I clearly need glasses as I read “don’t rule something out until you’ve tried it” as “don’t rule something out until you’ve FRIED it.” Our next quote for gym perhaps?

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    • I’ll look forward to your review. I have it in my TBR stack but it will get pushed down the list until I’ve made my way through the six that made the shortlist. Too many books to read! *first world problems*

      • I’m only on chapter 1 – its on my e reader which Im finding doesn’t engage me with a book as much as a hard copy so I tend not to read them other than sporadically

  3. A Guide to Berlin sounds good…my eldest son just spent the last seven years living there…now he and his wife have taken up residence in Prague. He has been an “expatriate” since the mid-nineties, moving from England, Ireland, Prague, Berlin…and now Prague again.

    Enjoy your week! Here is MY BOOKISH THURSDAY POST

  4. I couldn’t tell at first glance if that was salt or sugar 🙂 Interesting anyway…
    I reposted your link for the Blog Meme Directory, which I had lost track of a long time ago, so thanks very much for that.
    My son made a pit-stop in Munich when in Europe for the summer last year on work-school-internship trip. We have relatives from Germany so he wanted to experience a bit of it. Too bad he didn’t get to Berlin while there. He did enjoy Vienna, Austria nearby, then spent the rest of the time in Galway, Ireland.
    Enjoy the book series that you are reading and have a great weekend!

  5. Food, eclipses, Serial… What more could you want?!

    I loved Serial when I listened to it a year or so ago. There’s another season out now isn’t there? I think I need to get on to listening to that one. Serial is what prompted me to give audiobooks a go. I hear there are a ton of great crime podcasts out there; I think I need to explore that.


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