Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

1. My extended beach time is over for this summer. It was lovely.


2. At the end of 2015, my monstrous TBR list was sitting at 404. I was sent a (big) bunch of ARCs over the last fortnight and, minus what I’ve read, the list has crept up to 410. A few more ARCs may come my way but going forward I expect the number to plummet drop.

3. I’m not including 2016 releases in my Mount TBR challenge (even though I got them last year) – it just doesn’t seem right.

4. Not planned in any way but as I unpacked my holiday bag and sorted through the mail I realised that over the last few weeks I’ve bought three different things with a jellyfish pattern (this dress, this planter and a vase similar to this {mine has a pale blue glaze}). What’s the universe trying to tell me…?

5. Seems I’ll *have* to watch the BBC production of War & Peace (still haven’t read it – is this a crime? A big mistake? It’s tough because a 1200+ page book isn’t really compatible with reducing the quantity in the TBR stack).

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    • Somehow I don’t think I’ll get through the book before the mini-series starts in a fortnight… Maybe I can use the book as a footrest while I watch it on tele… 😉

  1. It looks like you had a lovely time at the beach, based on the pictures shared.

    I haven’t read War And Peace, but have been tempted by the BBC adaptation. I tend to not like watching things before reading them… But I mean, am I really going to get through the chunkster that is War and Peace?!

    • I keep looking at the size of the book and thinking that it’s really the equivalent of reading four books, so no big deal, right? But it’s physically SO BIG that I can’t exactly carry it around everywhere, so fear it would take me months to get through!

  2. I love your beach pictures! It looks like you all had a great time.

    Iʻm sure my TBR list looks something like yours as well. Iʻm working on getting the number down but thereʻs always more books to add.

  3. I have seen the trailer and it looks gorgeous! I usually like reading the book before watching something, but it’s not physically possible. I don’t know if I will ever read War and Peace. Russian literature is not my thing.

    • We had a flatty feast that night (and snapper and squid).

      I always said I wouldn’t count my TBR stack but it was more about organising what I had… and once I started I couldn’t stop until I knew the awful truth 😉

  4. Oh wow, I’m hyperventilating over your TBR list. I get worried if mine gets into double digits (then just stop requesting for a while). I don’t actually request a lot of ARCs – mostly just new releases a month or so before they’re out.

    Your time at the beach looks lovely!

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