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lola and sizzles

1. Charlie and Lola have recently celebrated their 15th birthday. I mention this because the name of this blog is a little nod to Charlie and Lola. I love them to bits (especially when it comes to Sizzles).

2. How is that I’ve only just discovered the ‘similar authors’ link on Goodreads? I’ve always seen the “Other readers liked…” book suggestions but this is slightly different. So obviously I plugged in John Irving. Goodreads suggested 28 similar authors, including Richard Russo, Anne Tyler, T. C. Boyle and Wallace Stegner. Some of these I agree with, some I think are a crock of shit. I feel I may need to delve into this further.

3. I bookmarked this really beautiful piece of writing weeks ago and was very sad to hear of the passing of Oliver Sacks last week.

4. Public transport + books = a match made in heaven.

5. I’ve joined a A Little Life reading group. Notably, 57% of those who have rated the book on Goodreads gave it five stars – that seems an extraordinarily large percentage, don’t you think?

6. If I’m looking forward to the launch of Jenny Ackland’s The Secret Son tonight, then Jenny must be beside herself!

7. Yes, this made me laugh.

8. And also this (via @PissedPenguin84)


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    • I keep reading that article and I cry each time. A great loss, for it is rare to have a ‘science writer’ that also manages to be so graceful with words, so engaging for all audiences and so personal.

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