Sample Saturday – toys, lobster towns and a party


Again with this Sample Saturday on a Sunday… Sorry, girls weekend away to blame.

PopCo by Scarlett Thomas

Why I have it: Pretty sure it was because I loved the cover.

Summary: Alice Butler, was a recluse orphan, now a ‘burgeoning vigilante’ working in a globally successful and slightly sinister toy company, PopCo. Also stuff about mystery, codes and maths.

I’m thinking: No. I don’t like the writing enough to get through 500+ pages.

The From-Aways by CJ Hauser

Why I have it: Because Maine?

Summary: Two women come to Maine in search of family and find love, heartbreak, and friendship. And lobsters.

I’m thinking: I just hate the cover. Is that reason to say no? Yes? So no.

Upstairs at the Party by Linda Grant

Why I have it: More cover-love.

Summary: Early seventies, a glamorous and androgynous couple known collectively as Evie/Stevie rock the social scene at an isolated university.

I’m thinking: Yes. The Virgins meets The Secret History.

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